blog Evolving Skies: Powerful Dragons and Cute Eeveelutions are ready to make an appearance!

Evolving Skies: Powerful Dragons and Cute Eeveelutions are ready to make an appearance!

Hello everyone! This is Elena from Gaia Storm TCG and it is great to be here at CCG Castle. In case you haven’t heard of it, Evolving Skies will be released in just two weeks from now an I thought it could a great moment to talk about some of the awesome new cards that the set includes. In fact, there are – broadly speaking– two very clear main characters we can find there: Dragon Type cards and Eeveelutions. Which ones do you need to keep an eye on?

Starting with the first group, Dragon type Pokémon are back to the game after a long absence that dates since Cosmic Eclipse. And what a great way of coming back! The Pokémon God itself, Rayquaza, has returned with very cool VMAX version that is a clear reference to Black and White era Rayquaza EX card. With massive amounts of HP, incredible drawing ability and an attack capable of taking down everything in just one blow, Rayquaza VMAX is ready to take its rightful place in the game.

But Rayquaza is not the only Dragon type Pokémon you should be aware of. Dragonite V or Noivern V, for example, are also very interesting new additions that makes one wonder if the Double Dragon Energy will ever come back to the game.

And then we have a full new army of Eeveelutions also appearing in the set! It doesn’t matter who your favorite is, you will still get the chance to build a good deck around, each one with its unique style of play. For example, Sylveon VMAX is a very cool Psychic attacker that combines perfectly well with the rest of the Rapid Strike archetype cards; Jolteon VMAX can continuously deal damage to the bench and Glaceon protects itself from other VMAX attacks! They also come with tailor item cards that help them perform better during the game. The original Eevee Trio (Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon) receive a special Elemental Badge that reduces their attacking costs by one.

However, there is one Eeveelution that will shine over the others because of its generic ability: Umbreon VMAX. This little darkness-type friend has the exact same ability that Lycanroc from Sun and Moon had years ago which allows you to switch one Benched Pokémon from your opponent with the active one. And as you can imagine, being able to do that and still play your drawing supporter for the turn is absolutely insane. I think Umbreon GX is going to be one of the most wanted cards in the entire set and will for sure be included in a wide variety of strategies.

If this was not enough, we will also find very interesting cards like Raihan (a generic supporter card that accelerates energy), Flaaffy (a stage 1 lightning type Pokémon that recycles energies from the discard pile), Suicune V (draw power and solid water attacker) and Medicham (a scary new addition to Rapid Strike decks) to name just a few. 

We will be dedicating some time during the coming weeks to talk about this set in more detail but, for now, I suggest you take a look here at CCGCastle to get the cards you need. The set is very interesting and will set the bases for the post-rotation metagame. Thanks for reading!