CCG Castle Rewards Program

Welcome to CCGCastle Rewards! Every order you place earns you COINS you can use towards future purchases!

What exactly are Coins, anyway?

Your Reward Coins are little "tokens" added to your account that can be used during checkout (on qualifying orders), and reduce the overall cost of your order.

How can I earn Coins?

If you have an account with us (get one now, for free!) then every time you place an Order you'll automatically start to earn Coins. Once your Order has been paid for, we'll automatically give you coins based on the full amount of the Order (before Tax).

How many coins you earn depends on how much your Order was for. Coins are earned a rate of .4x Coin(s) per dollar spent.

For example if you spent $100 on an order, you'd earn 40 Coins! Automatically!

How much are my Coins worth?

The "cash value" of each Coin is currently $0.05

For example if you had a 100 Coins eligible to be used on an order you could use them and save $5.00 on the Order! Not too bad!

How can I use the Coins I've earned?

Coins can be used right during the Checkout process each time you place an Order. If your Order qualifies for Coins (most all do), if you're logged in to your account, and if you actually have coins in your account, you'll be able to choose how many you want to use. The "value" of the Coins will be automatically deducted from your Order and the Coins will be removed from your Account!

Please Note: Coins can only be "redeemed" during the checkout process. They have no actual cash-value - that'd be crazy. We will never send you a payment for the "value" of your coins, they can only be used as credit.