blog The best cards from Chilling Reign – An amazing new set

The best cards from Chilling Reign – An amazing new set

Hello everyone! This is Elena from Gaia Storm TCG and welcome to another article here at CCG Castle. The time has finally come and Chilling Reign has officially arrived. Everyone is excited for the new cards and that is understandable. The set comes packed with new awesome Pokémon that not only will impact the metagame from day one but they also hold a great collector value so no matter what you are looking for in a pack, you will always be happy with you pulls. Let’s see now some of the most incredible additions that we are receiving!

We have already written about Psychic Rider and Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX, two incredible Pokémon that will be the new kings of the metagame. I am not going to go into details but prioritize getting both playsets as soon as possible. But they are not the only powerful legendary cards. The Galarian Bird Trio (Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno) are also making an appearance and all of them are great. Moltres helps Darkness decks to become more solid, Zapdos is a generic attacker that discards energies and can destroy Eternatus VMAX is only single hit and Articuno allows you to discard cards and draw in the process. I expect the three of them to be played from the very first moment, specially Moltres and Zapdos. All the three cards, by the way, have some of the most stunning arts I’ve ever seen.

We are also getting more V cards for the archetypes introduced last set, Rapid and Single Strike. Zeraora V and Blaziken VMAX (Rapid Strike) have a really good synergy together, being able to deal a lot of damage to the bench. Single Strike is also getting some new attackers like Tornadus VMAX but, in this case, I am not sure if players are going to opt to run in.
But there are some incredible single prize attackers (not V or VMAX) Pokémon coming up here. Inteleon, for example, puts damage counters turn after turn, which is incredible to get knock-outs in an easy way. Spiritomb is a very efficient card against Mad Party (in fact, one single attack can almost get rid of Bunnelby and its tea party friends) and can give problems to other decks that rely on having certain cards on the graveyard. Other cards will make stronger already existing strategies like Passimian, which is Urshifu’s Rapid Strike new best friend increasing the bench damage it deals. And finally, I would like to mention two energy accelerators: Cresselia for the psychic types and Froslass to recycle water energies from the discard pile.

I could go on and on for hours about Pokémon since this set is very complete but I’d like to dedicate some words to the items and supporters, which are also amazing. One of the best ones is undoubtedly Fog Crystal, a very solid searcher for psychic times and another item that I think will be played a lot is Echoing Horn, specially Arceus Palkia Dialga Tag Team. Path to the Peak is a scary new Stadium that can shut up abilities and that will truly shine once rotation hits and we lose Chaotic Swell. Regarding the supporters, the ones that stand out are, in my opinion, Melonie, Peonia and Flannery. Melonie attaches energies from the discard pile to any V Pokémon, Peonia lets you change cards in your hand for your prize cards and lastly, Flannery discards Stadium and special energy cards from the field.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of great additions in this set, regardless if you are interested in collecting new Pokémon or want to build a deck to start playing tournaments. Good luck if you open packs and remember that you can get any cards you need here at CCG Castle. Thanks for reading!